Investment Fund, L.P.

Business Plans, feasibility Studies & Advanced Financial Modeling

Advanced Business Plans

Advanced Business Plans. once only seen as a luxury for larger, well established corporate structures are in this present economic climate, critical for presentation to funds, banks, investors and entrepreneurs who will no longer investing time or money without first seeing a very professional plan / study.


Up until recently a cookie cutter "Template style" business plan was good enough.... NO LONGER. A professional, well researched, well documented, well presented business plan is essential.  Business Plans take many different forms dependent only on the rationale for their commission. In the main, we are commissioned to write plans that are to be presented to funds, banks and financial institutions for company expansion, new projects and/or full reorganization.


Feasibility Studies
Feasibility Studies A feasibility study is the due diligence that every person or company should do before starting any project. A well prepared and researched study could save hundreds of thousands of dollars further down the road.  Risk, as every successful entrepreneur knows, is an inescapable fact of business.


A well prepared and researched study can help reduce the risk.  By giving a true measurement of that risk, feasibility studies help pinpoint market opportunities and pitfalls, as well as building platforms for the assembling of good ideas. Once a full assessment has been completed, a firm launch pad is constructed for the implementation of the project.


Advanced Financial Modeling

Advanced Financial Modeling is formal with a minimum of a 5 year advanced cash-flow model, broken out, by line item, with P&L shown monthly over the extension of the model.  Normally the cash-flow model should be two years longer that the expected "Pay Back" / "Return on Investment". For example if you are looking to pay back the investment / loan in 3 years you need a 5 year model. If pay back is 10 years you need a 12 year model.