Investment Fund, L.P.

Project Funding

Seaside Investment Fund LP provides financial investments in the form of equity and debt financing to a vast array of projects.  Investment targets will come in the form of real estate purchases, acquisitions, refinances, as well as mergers and acquisitions, account receivable financing, mezzanine financing, bond financing, tax credit financing, and professional athlete contract financing , Energy related projects and much more. 


Resort Hotel and Casino financing will also be a prime target for Seaside Investment Fund both domestically in the United States and Globally in the International Market Place.  Through Seaside Investment Fund LP management the company will position itself for the greatest possibility of success by making sound investment decisions that become a culmination of the various disciplines of each of the directors and upper management staff.  Years of related experience in each of the aforementioned disciplines will ensure Seaside Investment Fund LP degree of success in the marketplace.


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