Investment Fund, L.P.

Hotels and Casinos

Regardless of the present financial market, Hotels and casinos, if well run and managed, continue to have well protected bottom lines and are profitable. This is a market place that the Seaside Investment fund LP knows well and is comfortable with.


Hotel, casino and resort financing and refinancing is a very specialist market place wherein Seaside Investment Fund LP is at the forefront regarding constructive scenarios for simply "getting the job done".


Seaside Investment Fund LP offers exceptional programs that provide Hotel, casino and resort projects with financing packages form four million US Dollars and up. This is by the way of institutional funding, private investment and international funds and consortiums. very often a syndication is needed and constructed by Seaside Investment Fund LP for individual projects. If it be long-term, fixed, variable, interest only or bridge financing, Seaside Investment Fund LP has the answers, the experience and the ability to help.