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Our Strategic Partners
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ORLA DTVM is synonymous with excellence in the management of third party funds through the management of the assets comprising the investment funds and managed portfolios. SLRO DTVM you find in experience, technology and modern management concept in the tools of asset management market . With over 15 years in the market, the shore is now an odd company in its industry, providing solutions in the management of third party funds that cater to individuals, corporations, public sector, institutional investors and foreign investors. Whatever your market, ORLA DTVM offers the best conditions for your investment.

Transnational Management, Inc. A full service Financing and strategy consultancy company for project related financing, including construction financing, bridge financing and full project fulfillment. The company is also expert in deal restructures and has specialized in not only asset and equity funding but also financial restructure of distressed companies. The company also specializes in both long term and bridge financing for projects related to real estate, construction, new technology and renewable energy as well as startup companies and restructures.



The Sinacola Group, Ltd. has expanded management and consultative service offerings to include global asset management, international business development and actualization of mergers, acquisitions, and operations of companies that provide mission-critical products, services, and solutions in diverse industries around the world. Mr. Sinacola’s teams have been involved in the successful development of international entertainment & development projects, including infrastructure, theme parks, casinos, golf courses, watermarks and destination resorts.      



Plans & Profiles, Inc. Established in 1974, Plans & Profiles, Inc., has been writing advanced business plans, feasibility studies and undertaking full financial modeling and projections for over 37 years. Since the company’s conception, projects have been undertaken in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Russia, Middle East, China, The Channel Islands, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, New Zeeland  Africa, South America, Mexico and USA.  Although exceptionally proficient in all forms of general panning, over the past few years the company has begun to specialize in plans for construction development, aviation, renewable energy and waste to energy studies including plasma arc gasification and pyrolysis.  It has also gained a reputation for being in the forefront of project planning for alternative fuels such as aviation fuel from hemp-crop as well as bio fuels and algae concentrate diesels.



Dartmouth International Group.  The Dartmouth International Group provides corporate incorporation, domiciliation, fiduciary, specialized administrative, paralegal and other corporate services in over thirty five countries.  They collaborate with professional intermediaries in structuring and implementing international solutions for:  Real Estate and Financial Investments, Improved Tax Efficiency, Reorganizing relationships among partners, shareholders, Incorporation and administration of Investment Funds, Special Purpose Companies, Estate and Succession Planning.



Rock & Waterscape has provided design and construction services for rock and water features since 1975. They have developed many of the techniques that are commonplace in the industry today. Rock & Waterscape continue to innovate special techniques used in the fabrication and installation of artificial features and their transition to natural elements on each site. Throughout the years, they have worked with design teams to successfully manage budgets, improve coordination, and expedite construction of special features. Many times they will provide scale models, area mockups, and renderings to enhance the program of the project. When a designer's concept is established, the Rock and Waterscape team can develop the necessary technical facets of the project  such as waterscape recirculation, water quality, support, and structural systems required for implementation of artificial rockwork, forests, and simulated coral and reef formations.



Totally Kaotic Productions is a successful independent film and television production company, specializing in documentaries, lifestyle, drama, children and young people’s programming.  In existence for more than 16 years, they have made award winning films and one-off video programs, as well as their weekly “KAOS TV” television series and many commercial and corporate videos. Kaotic Productions main mission is to educate, entertain, encourage and empower while fostering the intellectual development and strengthening the social values of our target audience.  Totally Kaotic Productions brings back the power of television to help educate, instruct, and inspire our intellects and animate our imaginations.