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Seaside Investment Fund, L. P.

Mission Statement


Seaside Investment Fund, L.P. is a private equity venture fund created for the economic needs the financial community has been facing over the past several years.  Domiciled in the United States & The Cayman Islands, Seaside Investment Fund, L.P. is poised to invest into a diverse portfolio of projects and businesses both domestically in the United States, as well as serving the international market place.  Seaside Investment Fund, L.P. mission is to provide the necessary capital to facilitate growth, refinancing, purchasing of various asset based transactions ranging from $1 million USD upwards of $100 million USD. 


Seaside Investment Fund, L.P. expertise in a vast array of industries allows the fund to capitalize projects whereby the conventional marketplace hasn’t been present over the past years.  Our management at Seaside Investment Fund, L.P. is as diverse as the fund itself.  Various disciplines of the founding members in multiple industries provides years of experience, knowledge and in depth market analysis, poising Seaside Investment Fund, L.P. to react quickly and efficiently providing the clients with creative solutions to today’s financial obstacles. 


Seaside Investment Fund, L.P. investor base is as broad based as the fund itself.  Investors both on the institutional side as well as the smaller individuals allows for fixed stable financial returns with their principal investment, while allowing them to participate in the funds profitability through its portfolio of real estate holding, business relationships and all asset based activities, tailored and structured to each investor’s needs.  At Seaside Investment Fund, L.P., flexibility and reliability go hand in hand to create optimal financial returns over 3-5 year periods with longer holds available.


Our staff of underwriters, fund directors and network of financial consultants will keep Seaside Investment Fund, L.P. at the cutting edge of the private equity world for decades to come.  Additionally Seaside Investment Fund, L.P. has created an alliance with one of our investors’ funds which will allow for debt financing in addition to private equity.  This debt financing is slated for large development projects at very attractive interest rates giving our clients flexibility and a one stop shop for all their financing needs.


At Seaside Investment Fund, L.P. service is our primary focus.  You will never be a number with our fund, rather a valued client and or investor which allows our company to grow. 






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